Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery of Abu Ballas

To the Northwest of Gebel Quatrani is Abu Ballas, Father of Pots, first discovered by Prince kamal al Din in his Desert wanderings early in this century.Located on the Caravan trail that linked Wadi el Natroun and Wadi el Rayan to the South West.Abu ballas was obviosly a major station where caravans stopped to is 64 Km's from Qasr el Sagha in the middle of the Desert. The Pots scattered around this area date from the Roman Era and consist mainly of smashed Amphorae. There is a second Abu ballas Southwest of Dakhla Oasis on the way to Gilf el Kebir and Kufra Oasis in Libia.Recently me and Fantazmagoria have discovered a third Abu Ballas on the Same Caravan Route that Linked Wadi el natroun with Wadi El Rayan, but this one is located in the South West of the First one, about 130 Km's Southwest.We are still investigating this Site, which seems to be a major station as well as the first one North of Quatrani MT.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Desert Travel is like a dream come to life. Returning to the dust and dirt of the City is like being forced to wake up from the dream. By now you will have already become addicted to the cleanest place on earth... The Western Desert of Egypt. You will already be planning a next trip!Perhaps the most exhilirating aspect of traveling in the desert is the feeling that the great age of desert exploration is definately not over.When you make your way into the interior of the desert, three or four hundred Kilometres off the road or actually just off the beaten Track, you immediately discover evidence of ancient untouched habitation.When you ride the wind through various Landscapes, Jumping over Sand Dunes and make your way to an ancient Fort, it is so easy to see why this is one of the few great adventures left in the world. Egypt covers one Million square Kilometres and more than ninety percent Deserts.I am actually glad Egyptians are afraid of the Desert. This has helped to preserve it for you and for me - as a vast untouched beautiful wilderness, where you can still find the ghosts and untouched remains of very ancient civilisation. Come join me and discover for yourselves.You are most welcome in our weekly and private events, or if you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to call me anytime...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Days Solo Hiking, Hunting & Exploration Expedition

After i crossed the 23 Kilometers of this Escarpment, witch is 195 Mt. high: "So Flat, Rocky & very very Windy" Then i started serching for the easiest way down and finally i did it safely.

I then decided to Shoot this Video while i rest for a bit and also think of a good shelter to spend the night, specially that it started to rain:)

Anyway i continued my hike South East through the Wady el Deeb or the "Woolf Wady" searching for the best shelter againest the wind. At the end i had to dig my own "HOLE" to sleep in...

To tell you the truth i went in deep sleep in less than 5 Min.'s but had to wake up at 2:00Am,

When attacked by this visius Wild Field Dog, witch kept me awake since i started shooting him away and waiting for the Sun to rise. (I wish i had my Shot Gun) It was a surprise and also very scary, specially when you are sleeping alone without any shelter... I Thank Mighty God for saving my Soul by not Daying in such an agly way:))

I stayed for 5 days in paradise. I really enjoyed this trip even much more than if i had anyone with me. I was also able to discover new places that i've never been before and tryed enjoing every moment on this Solo Hiking & Hunting Expedition...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sahara Explorers

Prince Kamal Hassanain Pasha "One of the First Explorers of our Sahara"
Me inside the "Main Cave" Where i discovered the Anciant Paintings & Drawings

Also me "Pointing at my recent Discovery of some Drawings & Paintings in a Deserted Monestary that dates back to the 4Th. Centuary AD." "Located in the Deep Western Sahara"

Exploring the best way to cross this "Dune Field"

Zawgan is the name of this amazing Plant. "The name means the Married" Coz they only come out in Two Pairs"

Looking & Exploaring the whole Wady for any movement...

These Curious Foxes are so glad to see us

My amazing & most beautiful Picture... "My Sand Lake"

Zawgan this Married Plant, wich is only usefull for "Camel's Food"

Yeehhhhhhh, Driving alone towards the West/South West

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caving, Canyoning, Hiking, Exploring & Off-Roading the Beauty of Sahara

Me and my friend Fantazmagoria are exploring some new caves in the Western Desert of Egypt.
The Video was taken inside the main Cave. Wich is actually an Anciant Monastary from the 3Rd. to the 4Th. Centuary A.D. Whish was the time of the Roman Persecutions. Here the Hermits lived away from any kind of Civelization away from the World... Praying and asking the Lord for forgivness and Passion to be able to live in such a remote and isolated place.

The Cave is Located in a mountain, about 130 Km's South - West of Cairo in the Western Desert of Egypt and the whole area is full of Pottery and Artifacts, Coins and things that they used during these troubled times...

Exploring my new Discovered Paintings of a 4th Centuary Church.
We Climb and Crowl like Spiders through the Cracks & Canyons untill we reach the
Hidden Rooms, barried with Sand along hundreds of years, laying here in the Middle of this beautiful Landscape and different Terrain as we Hike through. We really had a great time.

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A nice Desert Drive with some friends from Norway. Off - Roading from Cairo South/West towards the extreme edge of Fayoum Oasis. We drove over the Sand Dunes, through, along and across the Sahara till we reached the Wady of the Springs Oasis... We had a great time.......

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Egyptian Desert Nature Photography Expedition

This will be an example of our Campground before moving to another place!

Different colours and plenty of Wildlderness Landscapes.

One of the small Villages in a tiney Oasis

One of the small Oasis in the Western desert of Egypt

Bedouin Culture

Egyptian Desert Culture

Landscapes of the White Desert

A rara Egyptian Desert Fennic Fox in the Wilderness!

Nile Crocodile in the Wilderness of Nasser lake's Bay's!

Wild Desert Rabbit!

A Dorcus Gazell ( Egyptian Desert Wildlife)

Egyptian Horned Gazell!

Horned Viper!

Hungry Woolves in the Springs Wadie!

Wildlife Photography!

Canyons with Prehistoric Inscriptions!

Wildesrness and ecosystem of our Desert!

Volcanic Landscapes, near Baharia Oasis (Western Desert of Egypt)

Landscapes with a litle help of Wind.

Finding my way through the Tunnels, till i found the Paintings that i discovered lateley!

Untouched Tunnels from the main Cave Entrance!

Caving & Landscapes Photography!

Different Landscapes of Lakes & Depressions all over the Oases of Egypt.

Egyptian Desert Wildrness (White Desert) (Western Desert)

Secret Egypt Photograph!

A different kind of Egyptian Desert Photography!

This is one of the Historic Sites that dates back to Roman Era & was never Excuvated before! Despite that it's concidered a main Lang mark as an Ancient Decorated Roman fort with plenty of Graffities on the Jambs of the main Gateway. Completely isolated and more than 550 Meters above sea level. Where we have to leave the Trucks down the valley, about 185 meteres away before start our climb up this amazingly beautiful, inspiring,,,,,, you name it kind of VEIW along side with an ancient Spring Oasis With a Roman Fort just behind you... You start thinking from where to start shooting and what first. This is a Roman fort on an Old Camel Caravan Route. Located Between Kharga and Dakhla Major Oases! (Western Desert)

I was wondering of a reall Sahara Photography Expedition for say 8 days from Cairo to Cairo!
For some of the best photos you Shot in your life.

Since i found out that there are many people who are not only interested about our Amazingly, beautiful, breathtaking, Ineresting, Exciting, Juoyfull, Sacred, Inspiring and untouched Willderness, Wildlife, Prehistoric, Historic, Geological, Geographic,,, ect... Deserts & Oases Sites and much more. Many of the Egyptian Desert Exebitions and Trips are including many Professional Photographers and sometimes Writers too. So they Enjoy a beautiful, joyful and Professional Sahara and Oases Journey & make some money as well. I luv this Job.

Since i'm an Photograoher myself & admire so much a nice Shot and a good view with the best light angle and so on! Specially when i saw the great Pictures on Flickr. I decided to arrange, organize, guide and tell all of the interesting Photographers to do this Expedition to through the Egyptian Desert & Oases.

Very soon i will informe you of the best timing and date's for such an Expedition.

I will start working on the Itinerary and Qoutation as soon as possible. So i can

get the best out of it, with the best Service and minimum cost for us.

Looking forward to your suggestions, opinions and comments as soon as possible.

Since i'm thinking of the coming 2nd. Quarter of the Moon, then we can also make benefit of our Night Hikes easily.

Please reply to me whenever possible.


Monday, January 5, 2009

A Desert Safari Tour Guide & Explorer

A Desert Safari Tour Guide in action

The Guide is following his Hiker's from a distance

Sahara Guide is showing the Hiking Route on his Map

Explaining this amazing Desert Plant and Eco-System of the Sahara

Desert Safari Tour Guide