Friday, September 26, 2008

Egyptian Wildlife and Sahara

The baby Fenic Fox enjoying the view of the beautiful Spring Valley.
Fenic Fox sense's my movement from a very long distance.

Feeding those hungry Desert Wolves in the Springs Wadi.

Sand Fox found my chocolate bate in the Sand.

Red Fox trying to be smart on me.

Egyptian Horned Gazelle chased by my Nissan over the Sand Dunes.

Egyptian Desert Jackal, hunting Rats in the Wadi.

The Crack Lizard.

Camels in Wadi Halfa on the Sudanese Border with Egypt.

Wild Desert Rabbit.

The famous Nile Crocodile in Naser Lake South of Aswan City. (Khur Rahma) Fiord.

Oases of the Egyptian Desert

The Spring Oasis situated in Wadi el Rayan National Park is a Haven for Hermits since the 4Th Century, when the Romans used to Persecute Christians.
Driving along the Old Camel Caravan Route, heading towards Baharia Oasis.

Shali Village located in Siwa Oasis on the Borders between Egypt and Libia.

El Kasr old City which is located in Dakhla Oasis and considered the 2Nd biggest Oasis in Egypt.

Paradise Oasis situated in Libia near the Great Sand Sea.

The Waterfalls in Wadi el Rayan Park.