Saturday, September 20, 2008

Profile and Knowledge

Greetings to everyone, My name is Amir

I love Nature

I Love the Desert

I am a Desert Guide..........

My knowledge of the Desert began with travel and hunting trips when i was only seven years old.

My dad took me out to the fields and the
Desert lakes on hunting trips.

My love for the Desert grew as I grew older. At an early stage I decided to thoroughly travel and explore the Deserts of Egypt,
especially the Great Sahara and the many Oasis of the Western Desert.

Later I knew that working in the Desert regions would become my profession.

I was able to link to many Egyptian and foreign Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

I now have my own small business which has grown by reputation and word of mouth। have my own 4x4 vehicles, fully for any eventuality, and prepared to give the unforgettable safari holiday of a lifetime for anyone who wants to step off the
normal tourist conveyor belt.

I arrange and lead trips to a huge variety of Parks, Oasis, and protected areas of the Deserts.

Deep desert travel is a speciality!

You can choose to visit historic sites; the oasis; focus on wildlife; on
ancient exploration; or to just have a hair-raising time that you will
never forget.

You will be actively involved in your adventure, and you will share campfires at night and a tapestry of stars in an inky black sky.

For wide specific interests, catering is tailored to each requirement .

I offer the Following tours:

+ Jeep Safaris + Mountain Trekking + Camel Trekking +Hiking trips including night hikes (new)

+ Canyoning

+ Cave Discovery's and almost all kinds of outdoors activities.

Desert Travel is like a dream come to life.

Returning to the dust and dirt of the City is like being forced to wake up from the dream.

By now you will have already become addicted to the cleanest place on earth...

The Western Desert of Egypt.

You will already be planning a next trip! Perhaps the most exhilarating aspect of traveling in the desert is the feeling that the great age of desert exploration is definitely not over.

When you make your way into the interior of the desert, three or four hundred Kilometres off the road or actually just off the beaten Track, you immediately discover evidence of ancient untouched habitation.

When you ride the wind through various Landscapes, Jumping over Sand Dunes and make your way to an ancient Fort, it is so easy to see why this is one of the few great adventures left in the world.

Egypt covers one Million square Kilometres and more than ninety percent of it is Deserts.

I am actually glad Egyptians are afraid of the Desert. This has helped to preserve it for you and for me - as a vast untouched beautiful wilderness, where you can still find the ghosts and untouched remains of very ancient civilisation. And P.S. With me you will not have to pay huge Agents prices.

I am a small private business where the only overheads are the necessary ones. I look forward to your contact.

Love Amir...........................................

The only way to know your self is in Nature................We come from ground Earth and back and within.....................Man learned everything from Nature and Mother Earth................................Man takes all power and life from Mother Nature................................MAN DESTROY M O T H E R OF ALL============== ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------M O T H E R DESTROY ------------------------------------------------ MANKIND +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++