Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Days Solo Hiking, Hunting & Exploration Expedition

After i crossed the 23 Kilometers of this Escarpment, witch is 195 Mt. high: "So Flat, Rocky & very very Windy" Then i started serching for the easiest way down and finally i did it safely.

I then decided to Shoot this Video while i rest for a bit and also think of a good shelter to spend the night, specially that it started to rain:)

Anyway i continued my hike South East through the Wady el Deeb or the "Woolf Wady" searching for the best shelter againest the wind. At the end i had to dig my own "HOLE" to sleep in...

To tell you the truth i went in deep sleep in less than 5 Min.'s but had to wake up at 2:00Am,

When attacked by this visius Wild Field Dog, witch kept me awake since i started shooting him away and waiting for the Sun to rise. (I wish i had my Shot Gun) It was a surprise and also very scary, specially when you are sleeping alone without any shelter... I Thank Mighty God for saving my Soul by not Daying in such an agly way:))

I stayed for 5 days in paradise. I really enjoyed this trip even much more than if i had anyone with me. I was also able to discover new places that i've never been before and tryed enjoing every moment on this Solo Hiking & Hunting Expedition...