Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Desert Safari Camping Trip

The Beauty of the Desert

The Desert is the most beautiful, amazing, exciting, cleanest, inspiring and most quite place on our Planet. Wady el Rayan National Park in the Western Desert of Egypt, it is known of it's varieties of indangared spiecis and buatifull Wadis, Mountains, Sand Dunes, Lakes and Wild life.
The White Desert of Egypt is located in the Western Desert and it's one of the most beautifull Parks in the World.

Me with Nissan after crossing a very difficult Sand Dune in the Vally of Springs.

The Eastern edge of the Great Sand Sea.

One of the Caves in Quatrany Mountain located in the Western Desert.

Secret Egypt

Egypt is the land of secrets. Everyday Egyptologists and Sientests discover new Temples, Cemetaries and fresh finds. Unfortunatly many of these explorations are found by the wrong people, whom we call Tresure Hunters, using these finds for there own benefits to get richer and richer, exactly like this Picture down here, it is one of thousands of other important Historic sites that was found by Tresure Hunters and most of these finds are not for the Minestery of Anticuties due to it's remotness and difficulty to reach.