Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery of Abu Ballas

To the Northwest of Gebel Quatrani is Abu Ballas, Father of Pots, first discovered by Prince kamal al Din in his Desert wanderings early in this century.Located on the Caravan trail that linked Wadi el Natroun and Wadi el Rayan to the South West.Abu ballas was obviosly a major station where caravans stopped to is 64 Km's from Qasr el Sagha in the middle of the Desert. The Pots scattered around this area date from the Roman Era and consist mainly of smashed Amphorae. There is a second Abu ballas Southwest of Dakhla Oasis on the way to Gilf el Kebir and Kufra Oasis in Libia.Recently me and Fantazmagoria have discovered a third Abu Ballas on the Same Caravan Route that Linked Wadi el natroun with Wadi El Rayan, but this one is located in the South West of the First one, about 130 Km's Southwest.We are still investigating this Site, which seems to be a major station as well as the first one North of Quatrani MT.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Desert Travel is like a dream come to life. Returning to the dust and dirt of the City is like being forced to wake up from the dream. By now you will have already become addicted to the cleanest place on earth... The Western Desert of Egypt. You will already be planning a next trip!Perhaps the most exhilirating aspect of traveling in the desert is the feeling that the great age of desert exploration is definately not over.When you make your way into the interior of the desert, three or four hundred Kilometres off the road or actually just off the beaten Track, you immediately discover evidence of ancient untouched habitation.When you ride the wind through various Landscapes, Jumping over Sand Dunes and make your way to an ancient Fort, it is so easy to see why this is one of the few great adventures left in the world. Egypt covers one Million square Kilometres and more than ninety percent Deserts.I am actually glad Egyptians are afraid of the Desert. This has helped to preserve it for you and for me - as a vast untouched beautiful wilderness, where you can still find the ghosts and untouched remains of very ancient civilisation. Come join me and discover for yourselves.You are most welcome in our weekly and private events, or if you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to call me anytime...