Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our beautiful Egyptian Wildlife

Deadly Desert Horned Viper(Toreasha) Thank God it didn't jump to my Neck for a Picture
Deadly Desert Horned Viper, in Arabic (Toreasha) I was only cm's away from this Jumping Killer

The Desert Fenic Fox is Sencing the Camera Clicking, a very long distance away

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Egyptian Wildlife

Egyptian Wildlife is full of surprises. Secially our different inviroment and deffenatly the Desert Wildlife, which is considered one of the most Wildlifes left on our Planet still undiscovered properly, due to it's Remotness and Widness.

The Egyptian Desert occupies 95% of the Whole of Egypt which is 1000000 Square K.Mt.'s.
The Egyptian Desert is almost in the North- North East of the Sahara of North Africa.

This is the biggest Desert in the World and still many of it's Deserted Oasis and hidden Caves, Cracks and Canyons undiscovered.

By the way the Picture above is for a Baby Fenic Fox.

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Stay safe Desert amigoe's

Monday, November 3, 2008

The most deadly Viper on Earth

I am a Desert Addict

The Black Desert is a very old Volcanic area that goes back Millions of years ago.
It is located near Baharia Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt ( Sahara ).
It's considered one of the most beautifull Parks in the World Due to it's varaieties of colours and amazing Landscapes.