Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caving, Canyoning, Hiking, Exploring & Off-Roading the Beauty of Sahara

Me and my friend Fantazmagoria are exploring some new caves in the Western Desert of Egypt.
The Video was taken inside the main Cave. Wich is actually an Anciant Monastary from the 3Rd. to the 4Th. Centuary A.D. Whish was the time of the Roman Persecutions. Here the Hermits lived away from any kind of Civelization away from the World... Praying and asking the Lord for forgivness and Passion to be able to live in such a remote and isolated place.

The Cave is Located in a mountain, about 130 Km's South - West of Cairo in the Western Desert of Egypt and the whole area is full of Pottery and Artifacts, Coins and things that they used during these troubled times...

Exploring my new Discovered Paintings of a 4th Centuary Church.
We Climb and Crowl like Spiders through the Cracks & Canyons untill we reach the
Hidden Rooms, barried with Sand along hundreds of years, laying here in the Middle of this beautiful Landscape and different Terrain as we Hike through. We really had a great time.

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