Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sahara Explorers

Prince Kamal Hassanain Pasha "One of the First Explorers of our Sahara"
Me inside the "Main Cave" Where i discovered the Anciant Paintings & Drawings

Also me "Pointing at my recent Discovery of some Drawings & Paintings in a Deserted Monestary that dates back to the 4Th. Centuary AD." "Located in the Deep Western Sahara"

Exploring the best way to cross this "Dune Field"

Zawgan is the name of this amazing Plant. "The name means the Married" Coz they only come out in Two Pairs"

Looking & Exploaring the whole Wady for any movement...

These Curious Foxes are so glad to see us

My amazing & most beautiful Picture... "My Sand Lake"

Zawgan this Married Plant, wich is only usefull for "Camel's Food"

Yeehhhhhhh, Driving alone towards the West/South West

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