Sunday, January 18, 2009

Egyptian Desert Nature Photography Expedition

This will be an example of our Campground before moving to another place!

Different colours and plenty of Wildlderness Landscapes.

One of the small Villages in a tiney Oasis

One of the small Oasis in the Western desert of Egypt

Bedouin Culture

Egyptian Desert Culture

Landscapes of the White Desert

A rara Egyptian Desert Fennic Fox in the Wilderness!

Nile Crocodile in the Wilderness of Nasser lake's Bay's!

Wild Desert Rabbit!

A Dorcus Gazell ( Egyptian Desert Wildlife)

Egyptian Horned Gazell!

Horned Viper!

Hungry Woolves in the Springs Wadie!

Wildlife Photography!

Canyons with Prehistoric Inscriptions!

Wildesrness and ecosystem of our Desert!

Volcanic Landscapes, near Baharia Oasis (Western Desert of Egypt)

Landscapes with a litle help of Wind.

Finding my way through the Tunnels, till i found the Paintings that i discovered lateley!

Untouched Tunnels from the main Cave Entrance!

Caving & Landscapes Photography!

Different Landscapes of Lakes & Depressions all over the Oases of Egypt.

Egyptian Desert Wildrness (White Desert) (Western Desert)

Secret Egypt Photograph!

A different kind of Egyptian Desert Photography!

This is one of the Historic Sites that dates back to Roman Era & was never Excuvated before! Despite that it's concidered a main Lang mark as an Ancient Decorated Roman fort with plenty of Graffities on the Jambs of the main Gateway. Completely isolated and more than 550 Meters above sea level. Where we have to leave the Trucks down the valley, about 185 meteres away before start our climb up this amazingly beautiful, inspiring,,,,,, you name it kind of VEIW along side with an ancient Spring Oasis With a Roman Fort just behind you... You start thinking from where to start shooting and what first. This is a Roman fort on an Old Camel Caravan Route. Located Between Kharga and Dakhla Major Oases! (Western Desert)

I was wondering of a reall Sahara Photography Expedition for say 8 days from Cairo to Cairo!
For some of the best photos you Shot in your life.

Since i found out that there are many people who are not only interested about our Amazingly, beautiful, breathtaking, Ineresting, Exciting, Juoyfull, Sacred, Inspiring and untouched Willderness, Wildlife, Prehistoric, Historic, Geological, Geographic,,, ect... Deserts & Oases Sites and much more. Many of the Egyptian Desert Exebitions and Trips are including many Professional Photographers and sometimes Writers too. So they Enjoy a beautiful, joyful and Professional Sahara and Oases Journey & make some money as well. I luv this Job.

Since i'm an Photograoher myself & admire so much a nice Shot and a good view with the best light angle and so on! Specially when i saw the great Pictures on Flickr. I decided to arrange, organize, guide and tell all of the interesting Photographers to do this Expedition to through the Egyptian Desert & Oases.

Very soon i will informe you of the best timing and date's for such an Expedition.

I will start working on the Itinerary and Qoutation as soon as possible. So i can

get the best out of it, with the best Service and minimum cost for us.

Looking forward to your suggestions, opinions and comments as soon as possible.

Since i'm thinking of the coming 2nd. Quarter of the Moon, then we can also make benefit of our Night Hikes easily.

Please reply to me whenever possible.



Anonymous said...

Your photographs are amazing! If I'm ever in Egypt...

Desert Prince said...

Thank you so much for the nice words...

Desert Prince said...
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Desert Prince said...

I love this group of photo's so much. The Wilderness, the Desert Animals in action & acting Normal and specially this Camp Ground was one of the most beautiful spots i ever Camped through my 23 years of Desert Expeditions and Excursions...

I wish everyone in the whole wide World can feel this Amazing, Exciting, Natural, Inspiring,Healthy & Joyfull Desert.

The Sahara or (Desert) is considered the Cleanest place on our Planet and also one of the last undiscovered Wilderness left on Earth undiscovered completely...

Once you do your "First trip": You will like it so much. Then you would want to repeat it once again and again and again untill you become a desert "Addict" Like many of us...

The more you travel through aand across the Desert & Oases, visiting, learning new Cultures and ways of "Servival, Hiking, Climing, Off-Roading and many other things. You will find yourself part of this life and can't live without it, specially that your Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul have too many information by now and will force you to return back to your Mother Sahara... Everything Dies except the Desert. She is the Queen of our Planet and also the Air Filter like the Oceans...

Something very important that you Should learn about our "Queen"!!!
If you dont respect her she wont! She will give you a very hard time. Even if you are riding the Strongest, Most sophisticated Vehicle and Up to date Instruments & Equipment you must be Humble and never thing that you are in complete Control over this Natural Queen...

Believe me when she's angry is very bad news...

I realy hope everyone can veture and travel the Sahara and Experience the Varaiety of different Terrains & Landscapes...

The Sahara has it all: Mountains, Escarpments, Sand Dunes, Hills, Wadis, Oases, Natural Springs, Lakes, Depressions and many other different kinds of Land. All of these includes: Geological Sites that goes back Millions of years ago, with all the epoch's that past along the years.

Prehistoric Sites, Historic Sites from the Pharoes, Romans, Copt Christians and Islam at last...

All of these amazing beautifull Sites still exists in the Middest of this Natural Inviroment witch makes you feel as if you traveled to another Planet...

Wishing you all the best in life everybody and a Peaceful, secure and loving way of life...
Blessings to all of you from the Supreme One the Lord of all Creatures and even the Queen of Earth and all the Universe:)
Stay safe

Anonymous said...

wonderful blog!